Mech Mice Series Character Exclusive

The previous Friday witnessed another exclusive published on Mech Mice’s respective social media accounts. With the forthcoming release of the Mech Mice series, the exclusive picture is categorized by just that – the Mech Mice series. Therefore, it’s no surprise this exclusive picture unveils the characters the series will feature. Without further ado, let’s have a look for ourselves at the Mech Mice Series Character Exclusive below.


The following was tweeted along with the exclusive picture displayed above.

How we feel when we wake up and realize it’s Friday! #mechmiceseries

You may recognize Scratch in the Mech on the bottom, Torq to the right of Scratch, Chase the wise cracking smooth bazooka specialist on the top (the older brother Scratch never had), Flank eating a grenade on the left, and Lefty the grenadier unit, coincidentally, on the upper left.


Mech Mice Concept Art: To Bee or Not to Bee

Along with wishing the Mech Mice family a Happy Friday, Mech Mice has also released brand new concept art entitled ‘To Bee or Not to Bee’ a spin off on the Shakespeare quote ‘To be or not to be, that is the question’. Mech Mice concept art gives us a first glimpse at the progress of either the Mech Mice game and/or animated series. In this case it appears to be the animated series. The following picture depicts Scratch with Torq, I presume both will be a major chapter in the series, in a mech with stolen honey being chased by a hive of bees eager to reclaim their precious honey. Now that I’ve described it, have a look at the Mech Mice Concept Art: To Bee or Not to Bee below.

Concept Art
To bee, or not to bee?

Cool beans! I always love Mech Mice’s concept art, this one especially. Check back daily for more concerning the Mech Mice animated series, game development, and everything Mech Mice. Thanks for reading!

Mech Mice Exclusive: Storyboard Sketch of Scratch

Now that Mech Mice’s respective social media accounts are active, Mech Mice has released another exclusive of the forthcoming animated series. Scratch is operating a mech appears to be in pursuit of an opponent, in this case a fowl beast. It could be any number of creatures, but Mech Mice has left it up to our imagainations and left us hanging. You’re anxious to get a glimpse at the sneak peek; therefore, has provided you with the Mech Mice Exclusive: Storyboard Sketch of Scratch below.


I couldn’t help, but laugh upon reading the mentioned tweet and what Scratch had to say. This sneak peek along with the others has gotten me quite excited for the animated series as I’m certain it has for you as well. The animated series release date remains unknown, but with the surge in sneak peeks, I would have to place my prediction for its release this fall. We’ll have to wait and see. What are your predictions for its release? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

Mech Mice Instagram Launched – May 2015

Mech Mice is now on Instagram as announced on their official twitter account.

Mech Mice’s instagram as displayed in the following picture.
Now that Mech Mice has launched their Instagram, be sure to follow them in order to get a first glimpse at pending updates and be in the know.

Mech Mice Animated Series in Development

Mech Mice’s official twitter account has responded on twitter to a tweet curious as to the progress of the animated series. Mech Mice has in fact responded with the following information.

It looks like the Mech Mice animated series is still in the development stages. I cannot wait for the animated series. Moreover, I cannot wait for the Mech Mice game to be released in its entirety. Now it’s time to hear from you – what about the animated series are you looking forward to the most? Comment away in the comments section below!

Mech Mice Short Storyboard Sneak Peek

It has been quite some time since news and information regarding Mech Mice has circulated around the community. Consequently, this has made the Mech Mice community and myself question the future of Mech Mice and if the animated series announced in November will ever be made from dream to reality. While I understand that Hyper Hippo’s other various games (i.e. Adventure Capitalist and Wild Warfare) have taken priority, Mech Mice has been placed on the back burner and it’s true potential to be a successful online game has been left untapped. Perhaps Hyper Hippo is keeping Mech Mice behind the curtains to truly astound us when the curtains rise to unveil the game and/or animated series. Nonetheless, as of the 7th of May, Mech Mice’s official twitter account has once again become active and that’s when the good news comes. Mech Mice is indeed working on the animated series as you read this article and there twitter account validates this fact. Below is the Mech Mice Short Storyboard Sneak Peek. Have a look for yourself.

Mech Mice Short

“A little peek at the Mech Mice short currently in story boards.”

According to a response of the quoted tweet, the sneak peek is of a rocket propelled Mech. Beautiful. The release date of the Mech Mice shorts or animated series are unknown so, check back daily to for the release date and more information, exclusives, and sneak peeks.

Mech Mice Video & Sneak Peek: The Animated Series

The official Mech Mice twitter account is once again active and so is their YouTube Channel. In the forthcoming months, perhaps in the following year, Oktober animation will be releasing an animated series based on the virtual world, Mech Mice. This original comedy adventure is currentely in development; therefore, we suggest checking dialy Once again, thank you! for more information regarding it’s release, characters, and sneak peeks. has provided you with the following sneak peek video Mech Mice: The Animated Series below:

Oktober Animation revealed the following beneath the video in the description:

Animation Test featuring Scratch Whitepaw.

Mech Mice The Series is an original comedy adventure animated series currently in development at Oktobor Animation. Mech Mice features Scratch Whitepaw, an earnest and enthusiastic new recruit to a ragtag Mech Mice squad known as The Roughtails.

With Mech Mice, we want our fans to be able to discover Scratch and his world through animation, gaming and in as many other ways as possible. We’re proud partners with Lance Priebe, creator of the beloved Club Penguin, and his Hyper Hippo team who have taken up the gaming challenge while we bring the characters and world of Mech Mice to life through animation. We can’t wait to share more!

It’s been quite awhile since we’ve heard from Mech Mice, but we’re overjoyed at their return and cannot wait for the extordinary things to come! Are you excited for the pending Mech Mice Animated Series? Leave a response on our article labeled ‘Mech Mice Video & Sneak Peek: The Animated Series’ and let us know!

Wild Warfare Sneak Peek: New Map

It’s the first of September, Labor Day, and on behalf of the team we’d like to wish everyone a Happy Labor Day! With the month of September upon us, Hyper Hippo is launching updates on their various games, in particular Wild Warfare. The official Hyper Hippo twitter account released an exclusive sneak peek of a forthcoming map after fans affirmed through retweets their eagerness to get a glimpse of it. Therefore, Hyper Hippo tweeted a sneak peek picture on their official twitter account of the new map. You can see multiple wooden platforms and it looks like the map is located in a wood with underbrush. Below, we’ve provided you with the following sneak of the new Wild Warfare map. Have a look for yourself:

Wild Warfare

The release date of the new Wild Warfare map is currently unknown; however, as soon as word reaches us, we’ll be certain to have it here on the blog so, stay tuned. What are you thoughts concerning the sneak peek of the new Wild Warfare map? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below, we’d love to hear what you have to say.

Wild Warfare Cheats Walkthrough

If you require any assistance with Wild Warfare, no worries! We’ve provided you with a top-notch cheats walkthrough and tutorial on how to get the most of the game below. You’re presented with several options once the page has loaded on your browser. You can choose quick play for easy access to the game or create an account and login whenever you wish. Note that if you created an account on Mech Mice Academy, you can still login to Wild Warfare using the account. Wild Warfare’s home screen allows you to play the game, customize characters, and much more. Have a look for yourself:

Play Wild Warfare by clicking ‘Quick Play’ or ‘Select Game’.

Wild Warfare Cheats

Continue reading Wild Warfare Cheats Walkthrough

Mech Mice MM Updates – Renovation & Pushing Updates

Greetings everyone,

As you may or may not be aware, I’ve been working behind the scenes here on the blog with the template and as of July 29, 2014 I’ve released a brand new template on I don’t know about you, but I’m thoroughly enjoying the new design and hope you are likewise. Not yet accomplished, but in the works are level guides and other miscellaneous page. As I’ve been focused on my other blog, which you may be familiar with, I haven’t had as much time to work on the essentials here at Mech Mice MM. Nonetheless, I’m giving Mech Mice MM a revamp starting with the template. Meanwhile, I’ll be pushing other updates including pages and regular posts.

Mech Mice MM’s template from March 2012 to July 2014.


Mech Mice MM’s template from July 2014 to present.


Although, the changes may appear minor, the website will be more easily navigable. It’s also more appealing to the eye, an aspect of themes I take careful consideration of.

In other news, there’s big changes coming to Mech Mice MM and we want you around to witness the great things that are yet to come. Therefore, check daily Mech Mice MM for your Mech Mice Cheats and anything Hyper Hippo Related. Thanks for reading.